Dan in Real Life (2007): A Soft Dramedy Gem

First of all, let me just say: I know. I’ve been gone much, much longer than I would’ve liked to (life, yanno?), but I’ll try not to disappear like this again. Hey, at least I’ve got a neat, blanket-weather movie for you, right? With some feelings on the side.

So, if you don’t have any plans for the last weekend of 2018 and are dreaming of snuggling under your oh-so-warm covers this Sunday, here’s an idea—give Dan in Real Life (2007) a chance while you’re at it!

Why You Should Watch Dan in Real Life

Here’s why I believe you should watch Dan in Real Life (2007):

First of all, it’s kind and sweet and subtle. If you’re tired of loud movies and would much rather watch a gentle, warm flick that’s equal parts feel-good and emotion-inducing, you mustn’t skip Dan in Real Life.

Secondly,  the two main stars of the movie are Steve Carell and Juliette Binoche. I, for one, love them both as actors, but if you’ve only watched Steve Carell in, well, Steve Carellesque movies—you owe it to Steve to watch him in a role of a lonely widower with three daughters who finds unexpected love where… he shouldn’t? I don’t want to say more, but—oh!—your heart is going to ache in all the best ways.

Feelgood Movie Dan in Real Life (2007)

Thirdly, it belongs to my favourite genre. (But Milka, you say every genre is your favourite genre!) True, but also consider this: I truly do enjoy bittersweet feelgood movies the most. I also refer to them as ‘life stories‘ (have I told you this before? I can’t remember…) because, much like life, they aren’t just funny or just sad. They’re both at the same time, which makes them familiar and relatable.

When to Watch Dan in Real Life

This weekend!

Okay, but seriously watch Dan in Real Life (2007) when:

  • When you’re in the mood for a great, heartfelt dramedy.
  • When you’re not opposed to shedding a tear or two.
  • When you’re tired of action—both movie-wise and life-wise.
  • When you simply want to wind down with a glass of wine, favourite food and a soft, low-key comedy.
  • When you aren’t in the mood for serious, heavy Oscar-worthy films.
  • When you want to watch a lazy Sunday afternoon movie with your entire family.

An Underrated Feelgood Movie Perfect for Lazy Sundays

Hope I’ve managed to convince you to give Dan in Real Life (2007) a try as it’s a perfect lazy Sunday movie. If I have, make sure you let me know what you thought of this hugely overlooked and underrated film—I can’t wait to hear from you!

Gif disclaimer: I keep writing these and they aren’t really disclaimers as long as I can’t find the source. So, yeah… If you’re the creator of the gif I’ve used, let me know and I’ll credit you right away!