Practical Magic: The Ultimate Witchy Autumn Movie

Weekend’s coming up (finally, she said with under-eye bags up to there) and it looks like it’s going to be a gorgeous mid-October couple of days here in my midst. Watching the crimson and bronze treetops through the window, I can’t fight the overwhelming urge to initiate this hopefully long journey with a perfect Autumn slash Halloween slash feel-good movie—Practical Magic (1998).

Why You Should Watch Practical Magic

Two words: midnight margaritas. If you’ve never seen Practical Magic, this won’t mean anything to you (but it might very soon!). If you have—and especially if you first watched the film when you were, say, around ten, like me—’midnight margaritas’ is probably a synonym for sheer, silly happiness in your mind.

The Midnight Margaritas Scene

Apart from the extremely feel-good energy of the aforementioned scene, here are several other reasons to watch Practical Magic right now:

  • Warm, witchy vibes
  • Irresistible Autumn hues
  • Slightly creepy at times, which makes it perfect for Halloween (or it could be my kid-brain talking)
  • The unwavering power of sisterly love
  • Ladies being awesome… in general!
  • Surprisingly sweet rom-com moments
  • ’90s Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman
  • Ideal film for a lazy Autumn afternoon
  • Guaranteed to lift your spirits

Practical Magic Movie

Why Do You Say Cheesy Like It’s a Bad Thing?

I’ve seen people call this movie ‘cheesy’ and ‘childish’, but why do you say it like it’s a bad thing? Come on, folks, we all need a bit of cheesy in our lives every now and then—especially when we want, nay need, to run away from the cold, hard reality.

Plus, I really do stand by my words when I say that the movie’s warmth and positive message overpowers anything bad you might have to say about it. Not that I’d listen, anyway. Practical Magic is just one of those movies for me. Untarnishable.

Your Verdict?

If you do pick Practical Magic for your Sunday afternoon slot this weekend, make sure you drop me a line and tell me if it was the right match. See you in a week (if not sooner)!

Disclaimer: Both gifs used in the post have been taken off Giphy. If you’re the creator of either gif, do let me know and I’ll gladly link to the original source. I’m a gif maker myself, so I know how these things go and I’ll be delighted to credit the original author.